About Lock Stock FM & Spencer Tarring

About Lock Stock FM & Spencer Tarring

Synthesizing Beats, Business, and Blockchain

Spencer Tarring’s career is an eclectic mixtape of tech innovation, electrifying DJ performances, and strategic investments that have created echoes across continents. From the UK to the vibrant streets of Shanghai, and now the dynamic skyline of Dubai, Spencer’s journey is a testament to a relentless pursuit of entrepreneurial excellence.

At the heart of Spencer’s professional symphony is Dedipower Managed Hosting, a tech venture he scaled into a multimillion-pound success story. His transition into Shanghai’s pulsating nightlife as the Music Director at M1NT led to the birth of PYROMUSIC.CN, an influential force in China’s electronic music scene. VMG in Hong Kong marks his foray into the enthralling world of Web3.0 and NFTs, showcasing his acute investment foresight.

Spencer’s technical ingenuity extends to Bitcoin, where his strategic ventures into mining operations in China reflect a keen eye for emergent technologies. While this chapter has been significant, it’s but one facet of his broader investment portfolio, which includes an early recognition of Bitcoin’s potential and astute investments in the space.

Among his latest tech ventures is Dopewarz, an NFT game project that stands on the precipice of the next crypto bull run. With its innovative gameplay and blockchain integration, Dopewarz is more than a game—it’s a frontier for Spencer’s vision of blending entertainment with investment opportunity in the digital age.

His current role at the helm of JC Starr Holdings showcases his adeptness in property investment, with a portfolio that spans the UK to Indonesia. It’s a reflection of his commitment to not just foresee trends, but to create them.

As he settles in Dubai, the forthcoming M1NT Dubai encapsulates his relentless drive for creating extraordinary experiences. This venture is poised to be a landmark in the city’s luxury entertainment scene, synonymous with the Spencer Tarring brand of innovation.

Behind the microphone at Lock Stock FM, Spencer’s voice is one of inspiration, drawing from a wellspring of experiences that include setting stages alight with his DJing prowess, building companies from scratch, and navigating the volatile tides of cryptocurrency.

Spencer Tarring is not just an entrepreneur; he is a visionary, a tastemaker, and an architect of the future—a future where rhythm, innovation, and a sharp investor’s acumen converge to create a legacy of impactful enterprises and thrilling ventures.

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Lock Stock FM

Lockstock FM is a platform for sharing the stories of innovative and ambitious individuals who are pushing the boundaries of their respective fields. Tarring will interview a wide range of guests on Lockstock FM, including tech entrepreneurs, creative directors, social media influencers, and venture capitalists. He has a knack for drawing out the unique stories and insights of his guests, and his interviews are always engaging and thought-provoking.

Despite a busy schedule, Tarring is deeply committed to the podcast and its community of listeners. He is constantly seeking out new guests and ideas for the show, and is always striving to improve and evolve the format.

With its in-depth interviews and focus on the stories of entrepreneurial success, Lock Stock FM has become a must-listen for anyone interested in business and innovation. And with Spencer Tarring at the helm, it is sure to continue inspiring and informing its listeners for years to come.

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